Accessible & affordable courses for the social sector

Agile Communities provides low cost, practical courses in public relations, social media and advocacy campaigns.
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We created Agility Communication and Connections because we want to help organisation’s in the social sector make a difference. We have now created Agile Communities because we want to help all social sector organizations make a difference including those who have limited budgets.


We have years of experience working in the not-for-profit and social sectors. Our team includes communications, PR, marketing and digital experts. We understand the social sector and can provide you with the knowledge & expertise that will make your job easier and your campaigns more successful.


Agile communities is an online platform where you can purchase a marketing related course that is tailored to the social sector and in particular to people whose role includes marketing, communication or PR but who do not have experience in the sector, who are new to the role or who need a boost of confidence.






How it works

Good work is where your funds go and that is very important, but so is protecting your reputation, getting exposure to raise awareness, make a difference, tell the organisation’s story, without these funds can disappear and your public profile can go backwards.

You purchase the course which gives you access to a series of lessons. The Public Relations course has a range of classes including how to make your pitch to media/bloggers/influencers; how to identify and create your story so that it engages media, developing key messages, subject matter experts and much more.

Take a look at our introduction video or check out the Agile Communities website. We would welcome any questions.