Why us?

Because we understand you, your sector, your organisation, your clients and consumers and your marketing needs. Because we love what you do as much as you do; and offer our own passion and expertise to assist you to be your best. Don’t just take our word for it, read some of our testimonials...
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Noelene Gration

Noelene Gration


Agility’s Director, Noelene Gration already had a long and rich history helping agencies tell their story. Now she has an opportunity to further practise the work that she loves. Helping agencies who work with vulnerable people in our community to craft positive and engaging messages; plan their communications; increase their connections; focus on reputation management and ensure staff retention and attraction in a time of scarcity of qualified and experienced staff in the health, aged care and disability sectors.

Most importantly, to ensure that people on the receiving end of messages understand them and are empowered to make informed and critical choices about their health care and support.

Noelene’s 25 years managing communications campaigns and extensive experience in the disability, health and aged care sectors means that we know how to craft your message so that it is heard, understood and where required, acted upon.

Maureen Gleeson

Maureen Gleeson

Senior Consultant

Maureen Gleeson helps Agility’s clients better understand the changes that the health, aged care and disability sector faces today. She stays on top of rapidly changing health environments to help clients remain at the forefront in their industry. Beyond this, she draws on her management and nursing background to find creative angles for traditional and new players in the health sector.

Prior to joining Agility, Maureen worked in health management in a dynamic rural health service. Experienced in attracting new funding and writing submissions she takes health workers through the process of change by being inclusive and enthusiastic. Previously she worked in not -for-profit and public health in Australia, England, Ireland, Sudan and India.

Maureen started her career as a nurse and midwife and moved into community health, health promotion and primary care and has worked in rural, remote and major city hospitals. She has a strong interest in social justice and is enthusiastic about positive change in the health sector.

Sarah Hines

Sarah Hines

Administration Assistant

Sarah combines our administration work with our communications work. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a Flight Attendant where she learnt a lot about people, communication and customer service.
Manni Button

Manni Button

PR Assistant

Mannie is a skilled and qualified marketing and communications professional with significant experience in the advertising industry and event management. When she is not working for Ascend, Mannie is running her own day spa and massage business.



Isadora, or more commonly Issy, is our team mascot and all round smoocher. Her main jobs are to greet people and look beautiful. She does both with great success


Noelene is an expert on social media, PR and communications and is a delight to work with. Her clear thinking, positive attitude and understanding of her field makes her an obvious choice for our company and our clients.

Designscope strongly recommends Noelene.

Kim Percy

Creative Director, Designscope

Noelene brought her terrific skills, enthusiasm and creativity to the promotion for the grant project, Dying Well in Hepburn Shire, and the excellence of her work contributed substantially to the quality and impact of the program.

For any program I work on in the future, I hope to have the help of Agility and Noelene.

Mary-Faeth Chenery

Program Coordinator, Dying Well in Hepburn Shire

Noelene and her team bring such a wealth of knowledge and  expertise to their projects, whether it be for us or one of our clients. We can always trust that new  clever ideas and strategies will emerge via close collaboration and in depth analysis. Looking forward  to our next project!
Morgan Williams

Our Story

Agility Communication and Connections came about as a direct response to increased contact with our parent company, Ascend Public Relations and Communications due to uncertainty amongst agencies providing services to people with a disability and people requiring aged care services.

A revolution was taking place. Self-Directed Care and Client Choice was introduced and the consumer was now in the driver’s seat.

Great for people who receive aged care and disability support services – they have more say in how their care dollar is spent.

Problematic for some agencies. Marketing their services in a vastly different landscape alongside new agencies joining the competition.

And for their clients. Greater choice means people need information that they can understand and process to make informed decisions. Highly complex information needs to be presented in a way that is respectful, meaningful and easily understood. Messages need to be tailored to consumers, family members, referral sources and carers.


Why Us?

We understand how to market disability services and health services effectively, and what is important when marketing to people requiring aged care services. This expertise coupled with our thorough understanding of the health, disability and aged care industry means we are best placed to help you reach your audience.