Need a Media Strategy?


How to avoid a media crisis

Seeing your name up in lights can be very exciting, but it is not always a good thing.

We can help you to stay on the right side of the limelight or help to minimise damage through communication crisis planning if something does go wrong.

The new media landscape

The media landscape has changed and will continue to change. You need to know how to identify your newsworthy stories and the best outlets for them, write releases and back ground information, pitch to and liaise with the media to help them see the potential of your story.


We can assist you with:

  • Developing media strategies and implementing campaigns
  • Writing and distributing media releases, background information, electronic media kits
  • Liaising with media outlets and journalists, reporters and broadcasters
  • Developing online media rooms
  • Developing Crisis Communication Plans

Media Workshop

Learn how to develop effective media strategies. Get the good work that you and your staff do along with the inspiring stories of your clients published. Amplify the issues, concerns and problems you want the community to act on.

Contact us for the details on our next media workshop, or view more information on our engaging in the media workshop.

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