Up until now, personal brand was much more about how I transferred my values, beliefs, skills and knowledge online. What people read from me or about me, more than how they saw me – literally.

My decision to be photographed by Juanita required me to think about my physicality – how I appeared and how I was seen and assessed.

Not something I hadn’t thought about, but not something that I had seriously considered doing anything about. Authentic is very important both to me and to my clients. With me, what you see is what you get. Outdoors woman madly in love with animals, any animals, but particularly my pigs, horses, cows and of course Issy.

But all the same on a stinking hot day I arrived at Juanita’s studio, suitcases and business props such as my banner in tow.

First part of the transformation was hair and makeup. I loved every moment of this experience and wished that it was a skill I possessed, although even if it was, it is more likely that I would be found mucking out the pig’s yards than adjusting my makeup.

Several changes of clothes and we are off.

Given some of the anxiety that I felt, I think that it is worthwhile to mention some of the things that helped me on this journey and on this day:

Trust – I was putting myself in the hands of an expert, actually two experts, a hair and makeup expert and a stunning photographer, they were going to do their best with me and if it all went pear shaped I didn’t have to use the photos. But I trusted that they would be great and they were much better than great.

Trust that Juanita wasn’t worrying about how she could possibly get a good shot.

Prepare – Juanita suggested that I bring some business props – no brainer, but I would not have thought of it. I brought my banner, an easel that I sometimes use in workshops and pens, laptop etc. I am so glad that I did. Fantastic, immediately useable shots.

Plan – I spent time thinking about what I brought to my work and therefore to the work of my clients and what I wanted the photos to portray:

I have a wealth of experience and learned wisdom

My communications’ background helps me to plan and deliver engaging strategies

I have empathy for older business owners – many have a fear of this changing world of technology, I can help them to come to grips with it painlessly

Quick to come up with solutions

Transparent values and ethics

Sense of humour

Clothes – I brought every piece of clothing that I liked, I didn’t expect to use them all and I did not, but as the artistic director, Juanita chose with my input and she made great decisions.

If you would like to refresh your personal brand and want some new photos, you cannot go wrong. The photos, I hope, speak for themselves. Contact us for help with your strategy

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The next post will be about important strategies in developing your personal brand.

Three photos of Noelene Gration from the photo shoot

Juanita Broderick brought out the cheeky, the zany and the professionals in this photo shoot of Noelene Gration